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An Intro to Blogging

Congratulations! You’re here because you’re looking to start your first blog – YAY that’s awesome, welcome to the wonderful world that is Tumblr and blogging! No need to be nervous, blogging is an easy and fun way to express yourself, inform others and make a bit of cash (if you really want to go hard!). You’ll get the hang of it all real quick, I’m sure of it! In this post I’m going to give you an intro to general blogging and talk about how to choose your blog topic <- This can be a tough one for many people! In subsequent posts we’ll walk through setting up Tumblr and navigating your way around.

What’s a blog?
Firstly, I want to get the basics out of the way and give you a brief overview of what blogging is about. A blog is an abbreviation for the term ‘web log’ which is a frequently updated online journal or niche topic. It’s a place to share information about your life or a topic you’re passionate about. So you could have a personal blog that’s about your life, a health blog where you write posts about various health topics you’re interested in, a blog where you document your travels… the list really is endless (and we’ll get to that endless list shortly, I promise).

Who blogs and why?
Anyone can blog, full stop. The end. You don’t need any special qualifications or an adventurous and interesting life to blog about, heck you don’t even need to be an amazing writer (but obviously it helps!). Basically anyone with a computer and internet access can blog. Why do people do it – to be heard, to have an outlet to express themselves, to share their life or their knowledge with their audience. There are many reasons why people blog and everybody’s “why?” is different. Blogging means different things to different people. It could be a way for someone to express their feelings in anonymity, or for a hair dresser to share tips and instructions on how to get the perfect hair. You truly can blog about ANYTHING.

How do you start a blog?
This is what my blog is all about so make sure you come back regularly to ready my new posts. Briefly though, you pick a topic for your blog (more on that below), you sign up to a blogging platform (I’ll be showing you how to use the platform Tumblr in future posts) and away you go. It’s that simple. All you need is a computer, the internet and something to share with the world.

What can I blog about?
The simple answer is A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and the longer answer is something you yourself are interested in and passionate about. Ask yourself, what are my hobbies, what do I do during my free time, if I didn’t have to work and could do anything I wanted, what would it be? Those should get your creative juices flowing. If not… You could write about your own life, or even just an aspect of your life for example, your home, your travels or your pets. You could write about a skill or hobby you have like karate, flower arrangements or cooking. You could also have a news and entertainment blog where you share celebrity gossip or a blog where you review products for a certain niche, like technology, video games, baby products. Like I said, the list really is endless but because I don’t have all day to share this endless list – here’s my list of 20 topics you could write a blog about:

  1. Yourself and your life
    An online journal of your day to day life
  2. Health and Fitness
    Paleo, vegetarian, gym junkie or athlete. The health and fitness niche is huge
  3. Travel
    Where you’ve been, where you want to go – can be domestic, international or both
  4. Golf
    Golfing tips, write ups of golfing tournaments or famous golfers
  5. Gardening
    Gardening tips, ideas, instructions
  6. Training for a triathlon
    Triathlons you’ve competed in or are training for, training programs
  7. The best cafés/hamburger joints/cars in your city
    Visit, eat/drink and review local haunts
  8. Photography
    Share your photography, hot to take great photos, photography tips
  9. Sports
    Reviews of local or major sports teams, player and post-match write-ups
  10. Your city
    News, events, weather, food, sports, sight-seeing, suburbs
  11. A blog about the highs and lows of being a mother/father/wife/husband
    Sleepless nights, your wedding, mother’s day, Christmas time
  12. Book reviews
    Reviews of books that you’ve read
  13. Wine reviews
    This one is fun – testing out news wines and writing reviews on them
  14. A ‘learn how to blog’
    You could blog about your journey of learning how to blog for other newbies
  15. Surfing
    Best surfing spots in your area, famous surfers, surfing equipment, competitions
  16. Cars
    Luxury cars, car maintenance, a particular car ie. minis
  17. Running a business
    Profile your business and give other small businesses tips on how to succeed
  18. Celebrity Gossip
    Stalk your celebs on social media and write about their posts/photos/rants
  19. App development
    How to create an app
  20. Cats/dogs/animals in general
    Your household pets or animals in general

Right, that should help get you started but if you’re still stuck for ideas head on over to, they have 81 blog topic ideas for you. If you’re still unsure after reading all 101 blog topic suggestions, then comment below or send me a message via my Contact Josh page. If you’ve picked a topic, then YAY – GO YOU!! What I suggest now is thinking about your blog topic and what things you’d like to write about. Create a list of ideas for your first 5 posts, don’t worry if you’re not 100% sure, just jot them down and we’ll go over your future blog posts in one of my future blog posts 🙂

Ok, you’ve got homework, so get to creating that list of ideas for your first posts! I’ll see you on my next post which will be an introduction to the blogging network Tumblr and account navigational tips. Check back soon for that post.

Ciao, Josh.



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