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Setting Up Tumblr

TumblrIn this post I’m going to take you through the step by step set up of a Tumblr account. A bit of background about Tumblr and why I’ve chosen to use this medium for a first time blogger… Tumblr is considered a micro-blogging and social media network which I think is a great environment for a first time blogger. Using Tumblr you can create and post multimedia content to your blog as well as follow other people’s blogs. It’s a great way to start out in the blogging world as you can follow other blogs and build your own audience quite easily, plus it’s super user friendly. There’s no pressure to write lengthy posts, in fact your content could just be a funny photo or video you found on YouTube. You can make your Tumblr account anything you want, whether it’s a light hearted funny blog or serious blog with in-depth posts, or anything in between for that matter.

The first thing I want YOU do is head on over to and ‘Get Started’.


Signing up

You’ll be asked for your email, password and a username – you can create your own username or select one of Tumblr’s suggested user names (don’t worry I’ll show you how to change your username later on, if you want to of course). I’ll be creating a new Tumblr blog along with you and as you can see below I decided to go with the username josh-nmt. Your turn now…


Getting to know Tumblr

After you’ve submit the form above, you’ll be taken to a “getting to know Tumblr” page. Here, you can select a few topics that you’re into -> I chose LOL, road trips, news, music, culture and language. From your selections Tumblr now builds your ‘dashboard’. Your dashboard is your go-to tool, it’s where you can comment, like and re-blog posts from other users and also where you can upload your own posts, photos, videos and more. Take a moment to play around here and familiarize yourself with the different buttons. We’ll go into more detail later on, but for the time being have a look around and see what you can figure out.


Editing your username and appearance

If you want to change your username head on over to the person icon on the top right and select ‘Edit Appearance’. Now you’ll get a list of settings you can edit, from your user name themes and time zone to privacy settings and linking up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. For the moment we’ll focus on editing the theme.


Under ‘Edit Theme’ you can personalise your blog by choosing a theme, adding a title, description, header image and avatar (an avatar is a profile photo of you or anything you want and it’s not compulsory, you can switch it off by turning off ‘Show Avatar’). I’ve chosen not to show my avatar as I have a photo of myself in my header image (my header image is just a screen shot of this homepage). I also changed the text colours to match the text colours on this website and decided to stick with the default theme ‘Optica’ as I like the simplicity of it. Go on, have a play around, switch out different themes and font colours, add a header image and name your blog! Let’s get cracking!


That’s where we’re going to leave it for now. In my next post we’ll fine tune some settings and create our first post. Get excited people!

Leave a comment below and let me know how you found the set up process, easy, hard, in between?

Ciao, Josh



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