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I trust you’ve had a good look around, played with your account and added a profile photo… No? Whaaaat?! Don’t fear, I will be posting on how to do all those things in the coming days so stay tuned. In today’s post we’re going to make YOUR FIRST POST on Tumblr… if you haven’t already done so that is.

Get to logging into your Tumblr account….

At the top of your dashboard is a tool bar displaying different ways you can post to your Tumblr. You can post text, a photo, a quote, a link to another website, chat, an audio file or a video. With so many options no doubt you’ll motor through your first second and third post today.


Today I’m going to do my first text post. So I’ve selected the text option. Here I can write my post and also add media to the post too. There’s a tag option down the bottom where you can add tags about what your post is about. Tags help readers know what your post is about without having to read it. It also helps categorise your posts in Tumblr. People can search for the tag #Sydney for example, and all posts that have the tag #Sydney will be in the search results.


Before you hit post, go to the top right hand corner and select the settings icon. Here you can choose a customer URL is you want, add content source if you took the content of your post from elsewhere on the net, choose a post date and chose a text editor. To keep things simple we’re going to leave these options blank for your first post (unless you did take your content from elsewhere on the internet, make sure you reference where you got it from under ‘content source’).


My first post is spiel about my Tumblr account and this website. I’ve included a link to my website and also some relevant tags. Type yours up now.

Right, let’s post!

Here’s mine ->


See, wasn’t that super easy?! In my next blog post we’ll go head and like and follow other Tumblr users and create a happy social Tumblr community of our own.

Ciao, Josh.



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