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Likes, Comments, Shares… Huh?

likeIf you’re blogging to an audience you want your content to get likes, comments and shares. That’s the best way to make your content go ‘viral’ – by getting your audience and readers to affirm that they like what they read by giving it ‘the nod’. ‘The nod’ can come in the form of a reader ‘liking’ your content by clicking on the heart icon in your blog post, or a reader writing a comment or sharing your blog post. Imagine if you wrote a blog post and 10 of your readers shared that blog post with their readers and then 10 of those readers shared your post again…This is a great way to reach an unlimited number of readers with minimal effort by you.

So how do you get likes, comments and shares you’re asking? Firstly, the most important aspect is to ensure you’re writing captivating content that your audience will enjoy reading and want to share with their friends. Check out this blog post here on creating enticing content for your readers. Think about what stops you scrolling through Tumblr (or Facebook) to read someone’s post. A catchy title is a must, maybe a rhetorical question that gets your readers thinking and curious about what you have to say. Here are some examples, you can switch out “XXX” with something relevant to your blog:

  1. 3 Common XXX Mistakes You Don’t Even Realise You’re Making
  2. What Everyone Ought To Know About XXX
  3. Confessions Of A XXX

See how catchy those titles are. If you’re a blogger scrolling through your dashboard or newsfeed and see “3 Common Blogging Mistakes You Don’t Even Realise You’re Making” there’s a really high chance you’re going to stop and see what those 3 common mistakes are. Right? Moving away from catchy content and back to going ‘viral’…

So how do you get people to like your posts, comment on your posts and more importantly share your posts. After creating catchy content you next want to make sure you’re posting using correct, relevant and popular tags <- That is tags people are actively searching for. No point adding the tag #readthisbecauseitsgood because it is super unlikely anyone will search for that tag. If I was posting “3 Common Blogging Mistakes You Don’t Even Realise You’re Making” to my blog I would use tags like #blog, #blogger, #entrepreneur, #writer, #bloggingtips, #tipsforblogging. Lots of people are trying to make money blogging so #entreprenuer is a great tag. People often search for #bloggingtips or #tipsforblogging because they’re wanting to improve themselves as bloggers. You need to know what your audience wants to know the correct tags to use.

Thirdly, you want to make sure you’re actively liking posts of readers that you’re following as this may entice those readers to follow you back and like your posts. Earlier today I shared a post from the user jetsetter-life. The photo is catchy and the tags resonated with me. Jetsetter-life will know that I shared their post and maybe they’ll follow me or share one of my posts in return. Like I said here, it’s all about building your community and audience and the best way to do that is by liking, commenting and sharing.


I had a couple of emails from your guys about navigation tips for Tumblr and while Google and YouTube videos will have plenty of tips, my next blog post will be useful Tumblr tips and tricks so stay tunes.

Ciao, Josh.



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