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Hey, Josh here again. I hope you found the top 20 Tumblr tips I mentioned in my previous blog post useful. Do let me know what you thought and if you still have any questions.

Today I want to talk about putting yourself out THERE, and by there I mean putting yourself out onto the world wide web. The thought of that can be quite daunting because once content is out on the web it’s generally very hard, if not impossible to retract. But, having said that, don’t let that deter you from being yourself online. Blog with honesty, genuine interest and integrity and the rest will follow!

Moving on… So I wanted to share a case study with you about how I helped a carpet cleaning company get themselves ‘out there’ on the world wide web. The company was struggling to increase their web presence and draw customers to their website and ultimately their business. Their goal was to “be seen” by potential customers and build their audience of readers and followers.

The first thing I did was take a look at their existing web presence. They had a website and that was it, no social media. Now, I don’t do ranking or SEO work but I had a couple of helpful pointers for their website, more user friendly issues like:

  • Add more photos to show off the work they do and entice customers
  • Avoid using multiple fonts – it doesn’t look good. Stick with two fonts, max
  • Put their phone number at the top of the website, not hidden in the footer

My next step was to help them create social media channels to advertise themselves, build followers and deliver free value to those followers through relevant content. Firstly, they created a blog section on their website to share blog posts on various carpet cleaning topics. They would then share the link to the blog posts on social media to their followers and hopefully their followers would click on the link and go through to the blog post on the website.

Secondly, we created those social media channels. We set up a Tumblr account, business Facebook page and Twitter. Facebook is great for marketing because you can ask your friends and family to share you post/business Facebook page with their friends, which can increase your exposure hugely.

After we’d set up the blog and the social media channels I got the business owner to write a few blog posts, I made her read all my tips that I posted about here to ensure the blog posts would be interesting and relevant. I’ll list the next steps we took in order:

  1. Add blog post to website and publish/go live
  2. Take a link to the blog post on the website and post about it on the business’s Facebook page
  3. Share the business’s Facebook post about the blog on your personal Facebook page, that way friends and family will be able to see the business’s Facebook page and the link to the website/blog post.
  4. Ask friends and family to like the business’s Facebook page and check out the blog post on the website… And if they really want, get friends and family to share the post with their own Facebook friends
  5. Next we went to Twitter and tweeted a link to the blog post on the website. We used relevant, searchable twitter tags
  6. Finally, we updated the business’s Tumblr account with a link to the blog post on their website

Phew, seems like a lot of steps but really, once you get the blog post written and added to your website it’s all about sharing on social media. I got the business owner to update their blog fortnightly to start with and repeat the above steps of posting to social media channels as well. This greatly increased the traffic she received to her website and the likes and followers she’s received on social media.

So, where am I going with this. My advice to you is once you’re up and running with Tumblr, start sharing links from your Tumblr to Facebook, Twitter and any other social media channels you have. It is the best way to get your content out there and seen by the masses. Interlink all of your social media channels so that it’s easy for someone who follows you on Twitter to see that you have a Tumblr account they can follow to.

Get yourself out there, stop procrastination and putting it off. If you want to make it big in the blogging world you HAVE to build your audience and get yourself out THERE!!

Until next time folks,

Ciao, Josh.



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