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Blogging in 2017

Woaah, so Christmas and New Years came and went, as well as January. I honestly can’t believe it’s almost the mid February right now. Crazy to think where the first 2 months of 2017 have gone! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been powering away behind the computer screen working on your blogs and internet presence. I wanted to take the time today to share my hot blogging tips for 2017.

  1. Be consistent
    I guess I could take a leaf from my own book on this one as its been a while since posting here on News Media Tumblrs, but this blog is more of a side passion that I try to fit in around web jobs that bring in the cash and lately I’ve had a lot of design and marketing jobs that have been taking priority. Anyway, I digress.For new bloggers, it’s super important to stay consistent with your blog posts. You need to build regular readers and going sporadic times without posting new content can be one of the quickest ways for readers to lose interest.
  2. Keep your posts short n full of the good staff
    Many bloggers think the more information the better but this is definitely not true in most cases. Your readers don’t want to spend too long getting to the good bits or main point of your blog. Don’t give them a chance to lose interest or focus, keep them engaged by keeping your blogs short and on point. Juicy bits only, no fluff.
  3. Social shares
    In a world where almost everyone is on social media (including my Grandma), make it super easy and obviously for your readers to share you content. Adding social share icons to your blog posts allow your readers to share your content on their social media pages without having to do the old copy and paste trick. The more shares your content gets the more exposure it will receive to new readers.
  4. Get an email opt-in
    This is usually an after thought for new bloggers but setting up an email list from day one ain’t that hard. Even if you don’t plan on monetising or selling products from your blog, having an email list will come in handy. For example, you can send a monthly newsletter to your readers with a round up of your blogs that month and extra tid bits that only newsletter readers receive.
  5. Be yo’self
    Sounds obvious right, but it can be super easy to get sidetracked with shiney objects and promises of social media stardom. Write your blogs from the heart about your passion and you should always remain grounded. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say, so much as to how you convey it. With blogging, its all about finding your unique voice.

Let me know if you’ve come across any other tips that have been helpful to you as a new blogger.

Blog on, Josh.



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