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Blogging in 2017

Woaah, so Christmas and New Years came and went, as well as January. I honestly can’t believe it’s almost the mid February right now. Crazy to think where the first 2 months of 2017 have gone! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been powering away behind the computer screen working on your blogs and internet presence. I wanted to take the time today to share my hot blogging tips for 2017.

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Getting Yourself Out THERE!

Hey, Josh here again. I hope you found the top 20 Tumblr tips I mentioned in my previous blog post useful. Do let me know what you thought and if you still have any questions.

Today I want to talk about putting yourself out THERE, and by there I mean putting yourself out onto the world wide web. The thought of that can be quite daunting because once content is out on the web it’s generally very hard, if not impossible to retract. But, having said that, don’t let that deter you from being yourself online. Blog with honesty, genuine interest and integrity and the rest will follow!

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Tips and Tricks for Navigating Tumblr

A few of you asked for some tips on navigating Tumblr so here you go… BUT… and there is a but. I did a quick scour of Google for existing blog posts on Tumblr Tips and I came across a particular blog post that is so detailed and full of great info that I just couldn’t have said it better myself. So I’m going to point you over the to the Hongkiat Blog for some excellent Tumblr Tips.

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Likes, Comments, Shares… Huh?

likeIf you’re blogging to an audience you want your content to get likes, comments and shares. That’s the best way to make your content go ‘viral’ – by getting your audience and readers to affirm that they like what they read by giving it ‘the nod’. ‘The nod’ can come in the form of a reader ‘liking’ your content by clicking on the heart icon in your blog post, or a reader writing a comment or sharing your blog post. Imagine if you wrote a blog post and 10 of your readers shared that blog post with their readers and then 10 of those readers shared your post again…This is a great way to reach an unlimited number of readers with minimal effort by you.

So how do you get likes, comments and shares you’re asking? Firstly, the most important aspect is to ensure you’re writing captivating content that your audience will enjoy reading and want to share with their friends. Check out this blog post here on creating enticing content for your readers. Think about what stops you scrolling through Tumblr (or Facebook) to read someone’s post. A catchy title is a must, maybe a rhetorical question that gets your readers thinking and curious about what you have to say. Here are some examples, you can switch out “XXX” with something relevant to your blog:

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Content – How’s Yours?

Let’s take a side step away from Tumblr for just one moment and talk about content – the content on your blog that is. Whether you’re using Tumblr or another blogging platform, your content is what captures and holds your audience’s attention. If you want to retain your audience you need to make sure your content is relevant, original, well written and factual.

Let’s take a look at a couple of scenarios with different blog topics:

  1. If you’re blogging about your business, make sure what you’re writing about is A) relevant to your blog topic B) helps readers by giving them tips or information they otherwise would not know and C) is well written and uses photos to back up your content and make your blog interesting. We helped a lawn mowing company start their blog which increased social interaction on their business Facebook page by 50%.
  2. If you’re blogging about your life, be honest, be real and show your personality. There are so many bloggers that you want to stand out from the crowd so share something unique and interesting. Add your social media profiles to your blog account so that people can follow you on Facebook and Instagram. Allowing your audience to follow you on social media is a great way to keep them interested in you between your blog posts.
  3. If you’re blogging about a hobby of yours, let’s use surfing as an example – don’t be like all the other surfing blogs out there, do something different. Upload short videos of you out in the surf from your Go-Pro, or an instructional video of surfing tips. Write about the locations your surf, the best time of the day to surf, surf competitions or you could review surfing gear like the ‘best wax for your board’. Whatever your hobby may be you want to write about it from different angles.

If you’re going to take the time to write a blog make sure you follow my instructions above and go the extra mile to make your blog stand out from the rest.

Leave your blog’s URL in the comments so I can check it out! Be sure to follow me on Tumblr too – josh-nmt

Ciao, Josh.

Creating your Tumblr Community

The great thing about Tumblr is that it’s a mix between a blogging platform and social media. Tumblr makes it so easy to follow other bloggers, like and share their content and interact with other bloggers.

To we’re going to get started in building our blogging community – that is, who we follow and how to like and share posts. We’re going to get started by following some other bloggers. To find bloggers that might interest you, use the search function in the top left hand corner. I always search by tags, for example #sydney will bring up bloggers and posts that have used that tag before. Let’s give it a whirl…

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Your First Post

I trust you’ve had a good look around, played with your account and added a profile photo… No? Whaaaat?! Don’t fear, I will be posting on how to do all those things in the coming days so stay tuned. In today’s post we’re going to make YOUR FIRST POST on Tumblr… if you haven’t already done so that is.

Get to logging into your Tumblr account….

At the top of your dashboard is a tool bar displaying different ways you can post to your Tumblr. You can post text, a photo, a quote, a link to another website, chat, an audio file or a video. With so many options no doubt you’ll motor through your first second and third post today.


Today I’m going to do my first text post. So I’ve selected the text option. Here I can write my post and also add media to the post too. There’s a tag option down the bottom where you can add tags about what your post is about. Tags help readers know what your post is about without having to read it. It also helps categorise your posts in Tumblr. People can search for the tag #Sydney for example, and all posts that have the tag #Sydney will be in the search results.


Before you hit post, go to the top right hand corner and select the settings icon. Here you can choose a customer URL is you want, add content source if you took the content of your post from elsewhere on the net, choose a post date and chose a text editor. To keep things simple we’re going to leave these options blank for your first post (unless you did take your content from elsewhere on the internet, make sure you reference where you got it from under ‘content source’).


My first post is spiel about my Tumblr account and this website. I’ve included a link to my website and also some relevant tags. Type yours up now.

Right, let’s post!

Here’s mine ->


See, wasn’t that super easy?! In my next blog post we’ll go head and like and follow other Tumblr users and create a happy social Tumblr community of our own.

Ciao, Josh.

Setting Up Tumblr

TumblrIn this post I’m going to take you through the step by step set up of a Tumblr account. A bit of background about Tumblr and why I’ve chosen to use this medium for a first time blogger… Tumblr is considered a micro-blogging and social media network which I think is a great environment for a first time blogger. Using Tumblr you can create and post multimedia content to your blog as well as follow other people’s blogs. It’s a great way to start out in the blogging world as you can follow other blogs and build your own audience quite easily, plus it’s super user friendly. There’s no pressure to write lengthy posts, in fact your content could just be a funny photo or video you found on YouTube. You can make your Tumblr account anything you want, whether it’s a light hearted funny blog or serious blog with in-depth posts, or anything in between for that matter.

The first thing I want YOU do is head on over to and ‘Get Started’.


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An Intro to Blogging

Congratulations! You’re here because you’re looking to start your first blog – YAY that’s awesome, welcome to the wonderful world that is Tumblr and blogging! No need to be nervous, blogging is an easy and fun way to express yourself, inform others and make a bit of cash (if you really want to go hard!). You’ll get the hang of it all real quick, I’m sure of it! In this post I’m going to give you an intro to general blogging and talk about how to choose your blog topic <- This can be a tough one for many people! In subsequent posts we’ll walk through setting up Tumblr and navigating your way around.

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