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Overcoming Not Being Able To Blog

Surfing-AccidentAt the moment I’m unable to type effectively – I’ve got the whole one finger point and press going on because I recently broke my wrist in a surfing accident (if you can call it that) near Bells Beach in Victoria. I spent a long weekend with my girlfriend down in Victoria, staying in Torquay and travelling to the many awesome surfing beaches along the Great Ocean Road. Bells beach is a famous surfing beach and isn’t short of a crowd on a good day, we spent a full day there surfing and it was totally epic. Thankfully my accident happened towards the end of the trip, on a Tuesday morning while we were packing up the AirBnB apartment we stayed at. I tripped while carrying our bags down the steep driveway and landed awkwardly on my arm, jamming my wrist between the concrete and a small suit case. Initially the pain wasn’t over the top but I definitely thought my wrist could be sprained. We finished packing up the car and started the 1 and a half hour drive back to Melbourne to catch our flight back to Sydney.

Not long into the drive I noticed my wrist had swollen to almost double the size so I knew something more serious than a sprain was wrong. My girlfriend pulled the car over to google where the nearest Geelong doctors were and we found a clinic that was just around the corner. Knowing that we had a flight to catch in a few hours, the doctors checked my wrist and confirmed it was mostly likely broken. They gave me the option of going to a local hospital to have x-rays and a cast put on but because we needed to get to the airport they just bandaged me up, put my arm in a sling and gave me a prescription for some pain killers. I was in and out of the medical centre within 30 minutes which gave us plenty of time to still make it to Melbourne (an hour away) and return the hire car before jumping on our flight to Sydney. I can’t thank those doctors enough for understanding my situation and acting quickly but still professionally.

Anyway, to end the ‘how it happened’ story here and move on, we made it back to Sydney where I went to St Vincent’s Public Hospital, got x-rays, confirmed it was a greenstick fracture, spent over 12 hour waiting around before finally getting a cast put on. I’ll be out of typing action for at least 6 weeks and even after that I’ll need to build the strength back up in my wrist before I return to full capacity.

Now, back to the blogging…

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