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An Intro to Blogging

Congratulations! You’re here because you’re looking to start your first blog – YAY that’s awesome, welcome to the wonderful world that is Tumblr and blogging! No need to be nervous, blogging is an easy and fun way to express yourself, inform others and make a bit of cash (if you really want to go hard!). You’ll get the hang of it all real quick, I’m sure of it! In this post I’m going to give you an intro to general blogging and talk about how to choose your blog topic <- This can be a tough one for many people! In subsequent posts we’ll walk through setting up Tumblr and navigating your way around.

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Hello and welcome to News Media Tumblrs, a blog about blogging on Tumblr and beyond.

I’m an avid blogger and started off using the platform Tumblr. In this blog I’ll be sharing my tips and secrets on how to increase your audience, stay relevant, make money but most importantly have fun and enjoy blogging.

Head on over to my ‘About Josh‘ page to find out a bit more about me and stay tuned for updates on all things blogging.

Ciao, Josh.